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Best Wrist Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Tattoos have been around for centuries. Different cultures had their own reasons and rituals to go with tattoos. Nowadays, people get ink on their bodies to make a statement.

Some make dedications to loved ones they’ve lost and others do it to make a personal style statement. Whatever the reason may be, tattoos are cool and if done right, it’s something we’ll treasure forever.

Tattoos For Women

Women especially love tattoos on their wrists. Although the space is small, there is a variety of awesome designs that you can choose from. More people are opting to get inked on their wrists instead of backs, arms, etc. It’s discreet and you can show it off or hide it whenever you want.

Wrist Tattoo Designs

Many people like to have a tattoo that means something to them instead of just going for one that’s “cool”. Since it’s going to be something that’s in your body for a long time, it’s probably a good idea to get something that’s meaningful.

Type Of Wrist Tattoo Designs

Many people have a loved one’s name tattooed or a short quote. Roman numerals of someone’s birthday or death anniversary are a great way to keep someone’s memory and it looks really good as well.


Delicate stars on the wrist look pretty and not too OTT. Like the one Rihanna got on her neck, but on your wrist. They can be done in simple black ink but for those who want more girly touch, you can opt for multi-colored stars (think blue, pink, and yellow).

Star Wrist Tattoo Designs

These are more for people who are into fashion as they are meant to look decorative more than anything else.


More people are opting for designs that are more fun or remind them of their childhood, hence making tattoos of cartoon characters extremely popular. Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit and Bugs Bunny are just some of the cartoons you’ll see people sporting on their wrists or other parts of their body.

Best Wrist Tattoo Designs

Hello Kitty is also quite popular, not to mention very cute. The character you’d like to have depends on you.


This design is another great option for those who want something pretty. It also has more meaning than just looking pretty. It’s a favorite among people who have reinvented themselves, like a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly.

This is a nice concept and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love butterflies? They’re beautiful! Adding little details can make your tattoo different from what others have.

Tattoo Designs

Before you get ink done, remember that you should get something that’s personal to you rather than going for a small and cute wrist tattoos that’s “cool” or “in”.

You don’t something that you’ll get tired of or want to get rid of in a few months. Also, make sure you get an artist who has a good reputation because if the artwork isn’t great, you’re not going to wear it with pride.

Tattoo after-care is important as well. Infections can occur and the whole thing could end up ruined. A good tattoo artist will give you tips on how to keep the tattooed area clean so that there’s no risk of getting infected.

Wrist tattoo has gained so much of popularity among men and women.

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