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Different Type Of Corset Is Popular In Women Wear

Different Types Of Corset Women Wear If one has to pick out certain things that changed the world, among others, clothes and things related to fashion would form a major part of the list.

On further zooming, it can be said, that few clothing styles or types were more revolutionizing as the corset. Yes, the corset can be hailed as one of the most popular of clothes and one of those clothes that have journeyed over ages ever since its birth, to find a place in the wardrobes of women from every culture. We already have had several pages dedicated to the corset itself. Here follows a brief discussion on its various types. Read on.


Victorian women are known to have passed out in response to the fitting of their corsets. Traditionally corsets were made in a way that the bust and the hips were enhanced, with a simultaneous reduction in the size of the waist of the wearer. The two basic types based on the point of enhancement of the corset are the under-bust corsets and the over-bust corsets. The former begins at a point under the bust and ends at the point of the hips. The latter type of corset is just of the opposite make. They start from the under portion the arm of the wearer and ends at the hip.

Every Era Had A Corset To Its Name

Since the corset was the costume of most women during the times of Elizabeth and even later, every period has had its own variation of this lovely dress. It is not overnight that the corset managed to carve a permanent place in the world of fashion. Here are the types of corsets that are based on the styles which their era showered on them.

The Elizabethan age corsets were made such that the body of the wearer resembled a cylinder like shape. The preferred materials for construction of the Elizabethan corsets were iron and shafts of linen.In case the latter was used, the metals, wood or even whale bone could be inserted into the linen shafts. Remember the pictures of the Virgin Queen that used to stare out of those history books in school? The corsets would be tightened till the waist part was constricted and the torso looked like an inverted triangle.

Different Types Of Corset Women Wear

The Victorian corset is best remembered from all those illustrations in the Austen novels and the costumes of Scarlett O’Hara. The corset were made in the form that they gave rise to an hourglass shape. The bust and the hips appeared enhanced and the waist was constricted. It is believed that the body shapes of the regular corset wearers received permanent alteration as well. As the era of the civil War was dawning, the wasp shaped waist became a fad, replacing the hourglass craze. Corsets of this era were generally made from whalebone.

The corsets of the 1700’s are yet other types that showed a change in cut and silhouette all over again. These types of corsets could enhance the figure of the wearer. They were basically straight fronted. The corset could lend form to the wearer without actually constricting any part of the body.

As one moved into the age of King Edward’s reign, the types of corset too received another addition. The return to the craze of changing the body shape through corsets again came into being. The S corset, as the name suggests, created an S like silhouette. Wearing this type of corset led to the creation of washboard abs and protruding of ones hips.

Innovations Close To Our Age

The corset has been modified and molded to be of use in today’s’ age as well. However, there is one type of corset that is not only a fashion tool but also serves an all important medical purpose. Medical corsets are designed to lend support to those with spine problems or even back pain.

They are strictly worn under medical advice. The corsets have come to be of extreme use to cure those with a large number of medical conditions and also have been seen as extremely valuable. This is called innovation of fashion not something functional. And what is better than a corset to prove so!

The Present Day Closet

The corset that dominates ramps and wardrobes are no longer the suffocating ones that were seen as a mode of reshaping a woman’s body. They are assorted lines that designers have chosen to play up with in a variety of ways.

Corset Types

The cuts are kept such that the woman’s body may appear shaped like an hourglass. Celebrities from Nicole Kidman to Kate Moss have been seen in corsets. Closer home, the Indian movie and modeling industry to swears by the corset. Due to the great shape that this dress has, corsets compliment every body type of the woman.

Based on materials used for the corset one may have a variety of corset types as well. Silk, georgette and satin are the modern fabrics that are mostly used to make these corsets. They can either be off shoulder or with thin spaghetti straps. Depending on one’s comfort level one may go in for either. Modern corsets have embellished bodies. Embroidery, lace and sequins are common embellishments that are used to the maximum effects in corsets. The back lacing is also subject to a lot of different tie up styles to bring the best effect to the wearer of the corset.

Undoubtedly these clothes are timeless pieces of fashion. There are very few clothes that have been passed across continents, climates and generations very such a long period of time. Hats off the corset top!

In case you still have not added this superb piece of clothing to your wardrobe, there is only a word of advice – hurry! Corsets are being customized into longer varieties. Even gowns and full length dresses are adopting the cut of a traditional corset to add a bit of spunk or glamor. The online stores could be your best place for corset shopping.

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