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How To Dress Up In Silk Wear And Not Look Like A Retro Hippie?

Whenever we consider silk clothes for men, we usually play the retro themes of the ’70s in the back of our heads. No, we are not going to that ‘70s-themed party or a disco. Instead, the silk shirts and pants made a spirited, if not suitably flamboyant entrance quite recently. Besides, rather than becoming one of those minute trends, it is universal: On long-sleeve button-ups, on camp collar shirts, an off-shoot of that pajama shirt trend, and, strangely, on those high end, hiking-inspired flairs found on the airstrip. Silk wear is often considered good for holidays only and not for casual eve or a formal gathering. Read on if you are disordered about your silk clothes or are planning to buy a pair of silk clothes.

  • Silk is As Old as It can Get

Silk is been used for fashion as far back as the 4th Century B.C.; firstly in China and, later on, in the Western World, owing to the Silk Road. History, however, the material outbursts the current need for tech materials. Despite its comfy, if not goofy implications, silk happens to be one of the sturdiest natural fabrics obtainable, offers great amounts of breathability, and absorbs considerable moisture, whether that is sweat or water before it feels and looks wet. Hence, from a performance viewpoint, silk is pure excellence with a swing of apparent conflicts. It is graceful but rough, looks fancy but makes a statement, keeps you cool when it is hot outside, deters both mildew and mold, and is hypoallergenic as well. You will be amazed to know that these are just starters when talking about silk!

  • Why Silk?

Silk looks good when out on, and that’s why you would choose it for a jacket or shirt over wool. Its glossy presence contradicts its flexibility. One that effortlessly holds onto dyes, can be inflated with a complex graphic or pattern and is susceptible to potentials. Plus, if you think deliberately, from sweaters and robes to classic memento jackets to the conventional vintage style you would find on online marketplaces, Silk Shirt Pants in NZ  are universal and stay healthier than other polyester apparels. Moreover, it is also an honestly easy-to-care fabric. Hence, next time when you go out for fabrics to think about these qualities before you buy a pair. 

  • Single Colour Silk Clothing 

The one pattern that is acclaimed by everyone in silk clothes is unicolour silk apparel. Ironic hues like purple, magenta, and blue are faultless for silk as they deliver a pretty royal look. This designer silk shirt for men is the seamless outfit for a wedding or any special occasion or a casual evening theme party. The land insole colors and offer a glitzy look to the person. The same goes for silk trousers. Black and blue are just the starters when you are out for silk pants. Many varieties in styles and patterns are available when you are preferring single hue silk apparel.

  • Mandarin Collar Silk Shirts

Looking cool takes a little less than hassle when silk is your fabric of the day. Try the single collar or famously called, mandarin collar silk shirts to succeed that breezy cool look. The opulent feel of the fabric is sure to tempt you to try it again and again in many functions. The patterns on the single collar shirts appeal to more eyes than the ordinary ones. This is the reason why single collar shirts are back in fashion once again after a long while. You can match a contrast hue sleeveless jacket or an overcoat matched with a pair of trousers to complete the look. Oh, and don’t forget to put on matte hued shoes to look dapper.

  • Half Sleeve Silk Shirts

Now let’s get over with formals. When did you last wear a half-sleeve shirt to the office? Pretty often, right? Consider light-hued silk shirts with half-sleeves paired with dissimilar trousers or chinos. Half sleeve shirts garner a different club and silk is the pretty celebrated fabric in that. Thanks to its breathability and versatility, silk shirts are possibly the best office outfit when it comes to comfort and productivity. 

Casual wear and evening wear are identical to shine and style. Trying silk fabric is perfect for all the occasions and functions that require to display your glamour.

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