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5 Best Nike Sneakers

  Hi guys, we all know about them, we all have been wearing them at least once in our lifetime. They are the one of the most epic shoes ever. They are a symbol to our lifestyle. So without further delay i give to you my opinion on who are the TOP 5 NIKE SHOES.
1. Nike Air Force One 
This are my all time favorite, classic design that never fades away
 2. High – Top Nike’s Sneakers with Super Mario
Super Mario it’s a game i grew up with, that’s why im amazed by this design.
3. Nike Vandal Skate Shoes 
A nice of pair of these will give you the complete pleasure of skating.
4. Star Wars Nike Shoes
 I am a huge fan of Star Wars. All the geeks should have this shoes
 5.Old School Nike’s 
Say what you say but, old is gold i like the old school Nike’s.
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