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Essential Summer Accessories for Men

Finding the right summer fashion accessories to accentuate your outfits can create a powerful, head-turning effect.

You don’t have to sacrifice practicality either – many of the items you’ll see below serve two purposes – keeping the sun at bay and accentuating that sharp-looking outfit!

Matching Sunglasses

The two biggest factors when it comes to finding stylish sunglasses are selecting a pair that matches your outfit and the shape of your face.

Formal Versus Informal

A pair of Persol sunglasses might, for instance, be more suitable in a formal setting like an upscale restaurant.

Aviators, on the other hand, would be the ideal companion piece for a jeans-and-polo type of outing like a barbeque or baseball game.

Make sure to have a few pairs always on hand so you can match your sunglasses and your outfit work together to create the right look for the event you’ll be attending.

Consider Face Shape

When selecting sunglasses to complement your summer outfits, make sure the frame style matches the shape of your face. Here are a few common facial dimensions and the frames that work best.


If you have more prominent cheekbones and your face slightly tapers around your forehead (oval shape), then go with a square or wayfarer design.

The truth is that guys with an oval-shaped face can make almost any style work!


For a square-shaped face and a more defined jawline, think sunglasses that sit slightly higher on the nose and serve to flatten that area. Choose more of a rounded frame as opposed to an angular one.


Angular sunglasses would be the right choice if you have a rounder face. If you have a rounder face and choose small and round frames for your sunglasses, then you might not be doing yourself as many favors.


For heart-shaped faces, reach for sunglasses that are more round so that you draw more attention to the topmost part of your face and create a nice horizontal balance.


We tend to associate brimmed hats with the golden age of Hollywood and the likes of Humphrey Bogart, but the fact is that brimmed hats are making a comeback.

A depleted ozone layer and UV rays that frequently reach dangerous levels on the hottest summer days call for some kind of solution. A hat isn’t only the safe choice when venturing out to summer events, it can also make that outfit really pop when making an entrance!

Panama Hats

A panama hat comfortably straddles the fence between formal and semi-formal, keeping you cool while attending a summer wine tasting while looking cool to the other attendees.

Panama hats are breathable and look great, especially if you’re going out to dinner or taking an hour-long cruise. Wearing a baseball cap with a button down and pressed pair of slacks simply falls short for more stylish affairs.

Panama hats also give you 360 degrees of coverage, so you’ll have no trouble shading both the top of your head and the neck from harmful UV rays. Consider the selection from the Panama Hat Company for a quality, diverse selection.


A trilby is a type of fedora making a comeback in men’s fashion circles due to the distinct “vintage” look the style carries. A trilby had is similar to a fedora, except the back of the hat is shorter than the front, giving the accesory an angled look. It’s secondary name is the “crumpled fedora,”

Trilbys are commonly worn with the brim angled downward over the eyes, making it the perfect option for outdoor formal events where the bright sun is a constant issue. The short hat brim is usually about an inch wide, so the coverage keeps the blinding rays away without covering your face during conversation.

The style has been particularly popular in music culture, and it’s look is spilling over into fashion-forward events across the globe. You’ll catch plenty of admiring looks with this hat, which is the perfect blend of both form and function! The Village Hat Shop’s online store offers a wide array of trilby’s to match your summer suits.

Summer-Constructed Shirts

Both linen and cotton are perfect summer materials for shirts – they’ll keep you cool and wrinkle-free.

Blending linen and cotton together into one weave, though, is the way to go since the combination is especially good at preventing wrinkles.

The beautiful thing is that you can pair a linen-cotton blend with a blazer in the summertime to have a look that’s timelessly in style and fully breathable.

For a cooler yet somehow bolder look, you might adopt a Mediterranean aesthetic and couple your linen-cotton blend with white trousers. White blends remarkably well with myriad colors and styles.

Keep Your Wardrobe Crisp and Cool With Luxury Hangers

Every summer outfit deserves the best accessories when worn in public, and they deserve that same support when placed inside your closet. Investing in luxury hangers ensures your clothes keep their shape and won’t get wrinkled during storage. Consider luxury hangers from Butler Luxury for keeping your entire wardrobe in great shape. Their wide selection of only the best wardrobe accessories will both protect and beautify your closet. Check out their selection today!

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