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Everyday Affordable But Excellent Look

Do you wonder how you can look good without buying branded clothes? Did you ever thought of the posibility to combine from what you have in your closet with just a few new stuff that you need to buy? Did you considered the fact that to have an unique style will make you more atractive than the rest of the crowd?Well, i will try to give you my point of view how you can look great everytime you go outside without wasting your personal budget.

From what i can realise, the first and main thing that you need to possess is what i like to call the sense for choosing a certain piece of clothing with another piece  that will fit perfectly in any occasion. Since its universal saying that jeans goes with almost everything, let’s start with them, pick the first jeans you find in your closet and combine them with a one colored  t-shirt, on top of it put a shirt but leave it unbuttoned, the color mostly need to relates in with the belt or the shoes that you are going to pick.

Depending on the weather if it’s windy and cold get a jacket that is not to short and not to long, let’s face it, two times bigger or smaller size number of a jacket you wear is a total waste. Since you are done with this pick a shoes that you love the most, but remember they must to be in contrast with the shirt that you wear. Accessories will really define your style, choose some nice glasses ,i mostly don’t judge a person by the them because we don’t have the same face shape, that’s why this is a free choice for every individual.

But is essential to pick an excelent long scarf and some great hat both in same color but in contrast with the apparel. Remember, get the things that you don’t have in your closet, each time you go to the mall buy something totally different from the last piece you got before, that’s how you will have what to combine when you will want to go out and to leave an impression. At the end you dont need to take my advice, we all have diferent tastes, different style, just be yourself, be the person that stands out .

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