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How To Choose Right Coctail Dress

If you need to attend a wedding, dinner party, opera, theater ?r a graduation party, and you do not know what to wear, do not worry. Finding the right dress is just a matter of time apart and a little effort.

1. Choose A Color And Material 

The first step in selecting a cocktail dress is to decide which color you want it to be and material. The most common fabrics are silk, satin and chiffon. These two things go together. It is much easier when you know you want blue or green satin dress  until you find what you want. If you already imagined in it bold red or bright blue, make sure you stay noticable, because it will look great, but think again if you want to wear that dress. In this case, however, choose a more basic color. With different accessories, you can completely change the look of the dress to wear on many occasions without anyone noticing that it is the same.

2. Choose The Right Size

The length of the dress may vary from ankles to knees so you can be able to choose any length, depending on what you feel comfortable with and that you think it suits you. If you can not decide, try a few different lengths to see what is going best. Also, you can always use skirts you already own as a benchmark for the lengths to decide in what combination you will  look best and feel most pleasant.

3. Find The Real Accessories 

You can select any accessories that you like, such as , pearls, amethyst, gold or silver jewelry. The pearls will highlight your chest, while the earrings will attract attention to your face. As for shoes, choose a solemn, high heels or embellished flat shoes. Always wear a cute envelope-bag or small carry pouch. For a complete look add a scarf, a stylish coat, brooch or a decorative ribbon for hair. These final details will have a complete look and you will shine into your carefully selected cocktail dress.

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