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Men’s Suit Colors Dark Or A Bright Suit

It is said that a good suit makes the man a man. 
Certainly clothing does not determine the character, but it leaves a very important first impression, especially when it comes to business meetings and celebrations. The only real choice is fine and elegant suit. But which color to choose, a dark shade or bright? For what type men and what occasion bright suit is the most appropriate to wear?
Here are some tips :
Although the dark suit is counted as part of the closet of most men, increasingly there are men who want to refresh their style. The question is, given the physical construction, which suit will give you the best look? A known fact is that dark colors hide body imperfections, so its better for man who have more weight to wear a black suit. Bright type of suits are recommended for men with slender, athletic construction, for visually opens their appearance that the suit just gives an emphasis. Dark suits are worn on a ceremonial and formal events, while a bright suit is destined for a daily look and work. Probably because famous actors and singers mostly choose darker costumes for gala premieres and awards.
Who wins – dark or light suit?
Designers emphasize that light suit requires more modern approach to the person who carries the cautious combination. If you want to play with new pieces of clothing,they encourage you for a lighter model.
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