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5 Cool Outfits Ideas to Wear on the First Day of College

The first day of college can always be a little too tense. What would the college be like? How would people be? How will the college treat you? What should you wear? How will you initiate a conversation with a person? Oh my God, there are just too many questions that pop into a newbies head on the first day of their college. 

Well, it can be anxious but on the other hand, we have the answer to one of the most basic yet most important question – what should you wear on the first day of college. Here are a few tips for you to think about whilst deciding what to wear on the first day of college. 

For Women

Women can overthink a lot about their dressing but we suggest keeping it light and simple on the first day to give a good first impression. 

One can wear a light-colored sweater with a printed mini-skirt or jeans along with a sweet little scarf on it. This kind of light dressing can indicate that you are simple, approachable, yet elegant. For women wearing this kind of outfit, we would recommend pairing it up with espadrilles shoes to complete the look. 

Another one of the most basic yet stylish outfits includes wearing a basic white-colored tee with skin fitted jeans or tights. Pair it up with an oversized blazer or the trending Top Gun Jacket and chunky sneakers. This can help you simultaneously get a formal as well as casual look on your first day. You can put up a small little necklace on it to give it a sweeter touch. 

For Boys

Where people say that boy’s outfits are easy to choose – they’re wrong. Boys also need to carefully decide their outfits to give the right first impression on their first day of college. 

Boys can wear a simple oversized striped t-shirt and pair it up with a trending ripped black colored jeans. Wear these outfits with trendy sneakers or joggers and you’re all ready to go! Not to fancy, not too informal, just the right combination. 

Another one of the most trending outfits for boys that can be worn on the first day of college includes wearing khaki shorts (if your college allows shorts) along with a branded sweatshirt with a long shirt coming out. You can throw on some trendy vans on this outfit and you’re all good to go for your first day of college. 


First impressions can be very important. You now have to ensure to have the most suitable outfit with the right footwear and simple accessories. First impressions can leave a long-lasting impact and how you dress plays a very important part in it. So, let’s make sure to give the right first impression and to ensure having the appropriate yet elegant outfit for your first day of college.


Be smart and dress smartly.

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